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Achieve Seamless Insurance Services Automation

Eliminate manual and isolated tasks by adopting a comprehensive approach for automating key business functions with the primary objective of achieving increase in new business underwritten, enhancing the policy persistency rate and providing  fast reaction to queries from distribution channels and customers while reducing overall operating cost.

Automate the processes most relevant to your business by focusing on the following five areas:

  • New Business Automation — Triple productivity, reduce costs, and rapidly respond to business needs by automating the configuration of front-end application components with back-end systems integration, reduce data-entry duplications as well as common platform for information distribution to all operational areas.
  • Client Service Automation — Increase customer service levels while managing cost by giving users including distribution channels more control over service requests with self-service options and automated request fulfilment.
  • Underwriting Automation — Reduce operation headcount growth by 90% and increase business growth by consolidating and automating underwriting process for proposals submitted by various distribution channels. In addition, an ingenious workbench facility enables immediate follow-up action required on non-standard proposals submitted.
  • Claims Processing Automation — Gain control and seamlessly connect all personnel involved in claims processing by automating claim services from submission of claims to queries on claim status.
  • Multi-Distribution Channel Management— Gain visibility into distribution channel across the enterprise through comprehensive administrations and compensation facility that manages distribution channels with multi-tied commission and incentive schemes, as well as hierarchy structure to effectively manage promotions and demotions.

With WERO Solutions, you gain business expansion at minimal cost by reducing dependence on physical branch networks into alternative distribution channels (such as bank partners, merchant partners, direct marketing, etc.) that can be established quickly and cost-effectively.

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InsureConnect Functional Areas

    Core Functionalities

    • Prospect Management
    • Financial Need Analysis
    • Quote/Sales Illustration
    • e-Proposal
    • Auto Underwriting
    • Live Underwriting
    • e-Policy
    • e-Payment
    • Product Designer
    • Policy Renewal
    • Customer Relations
    • Policy Servicing
    • Claims Servicing
    • Partner Self Service
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